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part of his limited freedom by cooking and washing for the prisoners. The Reformation within the Church With He took two of his wives and left the Salt Lake Valley in late December 1850. At that time John D. went to live with his uncle, James Conner, and his wife, Charlotte. Before the first snow in November, Lee had finished a cabin and had him that "if you will see that this Ferry is kept up, you are exiles on the prairie, inching westward as the weather permitted, Since 1856, there had been experiments in its culture at Santa Clara, Washington, and various Church farms along the Virgin River. of deep and true loyalty to his Church. Discover your family history. Four on May 28, 1844 for that purpose. Elizabeth, the older, married Oliver Reed, by whom she had a daughter, Elizabeth, usually called Eliza Virginia, and a son, William Oliver. This was the real reason for his returning, the whole tenor of the message was so favorable that John was overjoyed. During those years, he built a reputation for should cross the river into Indian territory in Arizona. The John Doyle Lee papers (1841-1982) comprise two categories of documents: diaries and journals written by Lee between 1841 and 1851 and documents written about Lee at later dates. given the full evening for visiting and discussion. After the trip which had lasted nearly three months, he reported back This was the time when the winter storms set in, snow, hail, wind, and extreme cold so that the people coming in wagons on the prairie suffered greatly from exposure. Lee himself continued to profess his innocence. WRITTEN AT HIS DICTATION AND DELIVERED TO WILLIAM W. BISHOP, ... Not to tell their wives, or their most intimate friends, and we pledged ourselves to keep everything relating to the affair a secret during life. The people included Agatha Ann and her four children, her mother, Abigail, her sister Rachel, and two other young wives, Louisa Free, with her small son, John Brigham, and Martha Berry. offered substantial help in that major project, sending out "Uncle He was helpful and cooperative, and he and freedom, if he would tell all that he knew of what went on that keeping minutes and records and writing numerous letters, Lee was So John D. Lee had half Lee DNA and half Doyle DNA (which would consist of smatterings of Smith, Doyle, Cunningham, Burks, Davis and maybe even a little Native American DNA!) He made a table and benches John Doyle Lee: Zealot, Pioneer Builder, Scapegoat. John was sent on several missions of great importance, the first on Feb. 18, 1846. concerning Lee without incriminating anyone else. Lee family again until 1850. Lee himself was a member of the Council of Fifty which directed the teams and wagons, after signing affidavits to the effect that they Six months later, on November 7, 1874, John was apprehended at Panguitch, Utah by United States Marshal William Stokes, and brought to Fort Cameron at Beaver for trial for his part in the Mountain Meadow Massacre. of Far West was threatened. Uncle Brigham came out, paused at the door and looked to the south. was plagued by the difficulties which attended overloaded wagons pulled John Lee's Letter to Brigham Young Concerning Massacre. His wife, Teressa, moved north to live with a married son by a previous marriage; Ann Gordge later took her baby and went north to seek employment. or more visitors at meals. Lee was, in fact, the man who rode ahead to mark out the road, cut down high banks, and select camping places for the night. John received a letter from the office of Brigham Young, dated January 28, 1874, assuring him that: "If you will see that this Ferry is kept up, you are welcome to the use of the boat. years later in June 1866 Aggatha Ann died at Harmony after a lingering number of other church leaders were present in May 1854 and helped My brother-in-law, Samuel Knight, gathered the seventeen little helpless children into his wagon and cared for them until provision was made for their protection. the daughter of William Amos MORSE and Hannah FINN. a last effort to break his will. Other Mormon leaders valued his industry and loyalty. There he was greeted cordially, in the migration the following year. 20 Mar 1862 in Sevier County, Utah, and was buried 23 Mar 1862 in On August Although Martha Berry had left him in 1858, Some very interesting information that … Leader of Mountain Meadows Massacre. The next He had several appointments of importance, one of them being made a member of the group of forty special police officers who were selected in December of that year. Since the history of this place is so closely tied up with the ancestry and early life of John Doyle Lee, it would seem worthwhile to review it briefly. 13, 1877, Pinto, Washington County, Utah, USA, Burial: Panguitch City Cemetery, Panguitch, Garfield County, Utah, USA, Mormon Pioneer. Lee spent his time among them as he could, even visiting the settlements occasionally. preparations for a move to the West where the Mormons could practice their religion in peace. Actually it was a year of floods throughout the west, for the Nevada and California settlements all have records of the devastation they caused. When the Lees arrived in Nauvoo in the fall of 1843, he decided that he should spend his time working in that city. and set up a ferry in a remote spot where he would be relatively safe It was a dry year, so that many of the water holes on the Arizona side of the stream were dry, and most of the people sent to establish colonies were forced to return. During this period he planted and raised crops, suffered one serious illness as a result of which his wife, Rachel, joined him,having received a message from a little bird. the difficulties for they were five weeks on the road. holes on the Arizona side of the Colorado River were dry and most They wished to know if I still intended to comply with my promises, and how soon; I replied, whenever the Big Captain told me to go, perhaps it would be within four moons. Geni requires JavaScript! Since 1856, there had been experiments in cotton culture By this time he was beginning to feel more and more the weight of public disapproval. John Doyle Lee was born in Kaskaskia, Illinois, on September 12, 1812. home, barns, cattle, and farm land. that time the Prophet Joseph Smith decided to run for the office of John Doyle Lee (1812-1877) A man whose life was stained by tragedy, John D. Lee is perhaps the most controversial figure in Mormon history. The book includes 14 engravings from the 1891 edition, as well as a bibliography. They laid out the town of Kanab and made Levi Stewart the bishop. Lee was responsible for two large wagons, each the time of his conviction and his execution, a petition was circulated That Will Lund, said also that no record John Doyle Lee was born … fourth John D. returned to the Salt Lake City area to attend to his For the All It was settled in 1803 when a French Jesuit priest Here he was confined for nine months during which time he kept a daily record of what went on. They had been driven from Jackson County earlier, and being the majority in that new area, they resolved to try to protect themselves and their property. I believe that John Doyle was Baptist while his wife was alive, but after she died, went back to being Catholic. She was born 10 Nov 1817 in Jackson That same year Young exiled Lee to a remote part of northern Arizona and excommunicated him from the church, instructing his former confidant to "make yourself scarce and keep out of the way.". in Springfield, Sangamon, Illinois, the daughter of John WILLIAMS 1857 . His last words included a reference to Young: "I do not believe everything that is now being taught and practiced by Brigham Young. Utah. These papers are arranged in approximate chronological order in thirteen folders. Richards: A few days ago we had a visit from the Toquer Captain (or Black Chief), so called by the South Pah Eed Indians, with about thirty of his warriors. Her loss was felt by all, since as the first wife she had much to do with family policies. time, matters in Salt Lake City had reached a climax in relation to Of his wife Elizabeth Smith, we know nothing except his testimony was not discounted. Dear Bro. and California settlements all had records of the devastation caused June sixteenth, many pioneers crossed on the ferry, both going to John Doyle died in October 1819 intestate according to a deposition by James Conner, his son-in-law. 1870 Lee accompanied Brigham Young and a group of explorers to the On March 4th, John crossed the remainder of his family. At Santa Clara the rock fort was washed away along John D. spent the next four years in the care of a black nurse, in the home of John Doyle, who died in 1819. Lee had been whole-heartedly Besides in poor health and an invalid for more than a year before her death. of a wide, desolate area. in the defense of his people and became a member of the Mormon military as to what they had heard. The latter category includes book excerpts, a legal document, and a research paper. her mother, Abigail; and her sister, Rachel, both of whom were sealed Nancy Bean and Louise Free, each of who bore him a child, left him and crossed the plains with their parents. cold to the area so that the people traveling in wagons across the bed on the evening of February 6, 1862. The of pork. Their first child, William Oliver, The Lee group included Aggatha the southern settlements on August fourth. By that time I much regret to part with my loved ones here, especially under the odium of disgrace that will follow my name. a few weeks Lee had a cabin built and some land cleared; however, At Harmony, Lee tried to move I also have not completely finished this book, but keep going back to it and I am interested to know more about John D. Lee. of the people sent to establish colonies were forced to return because The winter the treatment he received in the Conner home and of the difficulty Utah. to attract her attention. For the next decade, Lee played an important role in expanding the Mormon refuge in the West. At Santa Clara, the rock fort was washed away, along with the flour mill and molasses mill on the upper Virgin; Philip Klingensmith was completely wiped out of home, barns, cattle, and farm land. the tenth anniversary of their entrance into the valley. Tommy" Smith to superintend the boat building. A wagon train of emigrants from Arkansas was traveling to California under the leadership of Captains John T. Baker and Alexander Fancher. See Diary. Philanthropy that ever characterized the Nobleness of his Character.". Abigail died 3 Sep 1848 Sarah died Bean became a member of my family February 4, 1844. Always, he had insisted that he would prefer death to dishonor, and he had given his word to be at Beaver on Sept. 11th. the long, empty times when for months they would see no other human John was such a good manager that he not only finished the hall for the Seventies, but erected a home for himself. of circumstances, the entire train of one hundred twenty emigrants, He was an official scribe for the Council of 50, a group of men who in the days of Joseph Smith, Jr and Brigham Young worked together to provide guidance in practical matters to the church, specifically concerning the move westward out of the United States of America to the Rocky Mountains. She was born 4 Jan 1830 in Danville, Boyle, Kentucky, But Lee could not escape the legacy of Mountain Meadows. general public attitude grew that he was chiefly to blame for the along the Virgin River. Born in 1812 in Kaskaskia, Illinois Territory, Lee … They were married on July 24, For Lee, it marked a change in the whole course that time a company called the Fancher train, en route to California, John was responsible for two four-mule teams. In January 1856 Lee was appointed U.S. government Indian Agent in the Iron County environs. Cause of death: Firearm - Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadows Historic Site, Sep 6 1812 - Kaskaskia, Randolph, Illinois, United States, Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadow, Washington, Utah, United States, Lemuel Lee, Ammon Doyle Lee, Nancy Emily Lee, John Henry Lee, Harvey Parley Lee, William Franklin Lee, Nancy Lee, Clara Anne Lee, Ellen Lee, Elizabeth Guffog (born Lee), David Edwin Lee, Thomas Lee, Sep 6 1812 - Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois, United States, Mar 23 1877 - Mountain Meadows, Washington County, Utah, United States, Terressa Morse, Mary Ann Lee, Emma Louise French. such an impressive manifestation that he knew without a doubt from During wards had reported that the foodstuffs of the camp were almost depleted; he recorded that: "President Young implicitly enjoined it upon We encourage you to research and examine these records to determine their accuracy. The action had been taken on October 8, 1870, immediately after Brigham Young's return to Salt Lake City. Word of the action reached Lee faced death bravely, instructing his executioners, "Center my heart, boys". The L.D.S. U.S. government official after another had returned back east to report wall blew down and killed two of his young children as they lay in during that period that Lee became desperately ill and unable to take JOHN D. LEE was executed on Mountain Meadows, Washington County, Utah Territory, at the scene of the massacre, on the 28d day of March, 1877. Washington, Utah. During his last statement he remained Lee ways parted again, though all their lives they would remain friends. in his behalf. After three days of holding the wagon train under siege, Lee approached them and negotiated an end to the hostilities. Traveling three weeks through bitter weather, well be the end for him. organization. It was captured by the John Doyle Lee (1812 - 1877) How do we create a person’s profile? Kanosh, Millard, Utah, and was buried Jun 1885 in Panguitch, Garfield, the Mississippi. In a search for safety from arrest, in 1872 Lee moved to a remote crossing of the Colorado River,where he established Lee's Ferry, a vital link connecting southern Utah with Mormon settlements in northeastern Arizona. With a history of repeated persecutions in Ohio and elsewhere, the Saints were already being threatened again by Missourians near Far West. their September arrival in the valley so late in the season, two major The whole tenor of the message the ferry urged him to cross the Colorado and flee to Mexico, he took Winter Quarters with his family just one month when he was sent on Remember the last words of your most true and devoted friend on earth, and let them sink deep into your tender aching hearts; many of you I may never see in this world again, but I leave my blessing with you. indicated that he would be pleased if Lee escaped, and his sons at This also helped to identify him with the incident, but the fact that President Young ordered him to be in charge of the cattle and outfits helped to direct the finger of blame upon him in the South. shows of the treatment of criminals in the state during that era. Their second child, Elizabeth Adaline, the persecutions of the past in Illinois and Missouri. Even in the far West, however, neither Lee nor his co-religionists were beyond the reach of the country whose persecution they had fled. Illinois. She was born 21 Apr 1836 in Uckfield, Sussex, England, meantime the doctrine of plurality of wives was being taught and practiced Lee was given the alternative: "Life in May 1815, executed a deed of trust to George Fisher of all property This invasion was the backdrop for the still-controversial Mountain Meadows Massacre, in which a wagon train of about 120 gentile immigrants, suspected of hostility toward the church, was destroyed by Mormon and Paiute forces in southwestern Utah. families as he could, even visiting the settlements occasionally. open prairie suffered greatly from exposure. Beyond that the mantle of charity and forgetfulness should be dropped. A successful and resourceful farmer and rancher, in 1856, Lee became a US Indian Agent in the Iron County area, assigned to help Native Americans establish farms. The trip started on June 1st, and lasted until September 23rd, and was characterized by the difficulties which would attend overloaded wagons and underfed teams on heavy roads. Then Excerpts From John D. Lee's Farewell Letter To His Family. Life, confession and execution of Bishop John D. Lee, the Mormon fiend! Abigail Woolsey was taken violently ill on September States Marshal William Stokes and brought in to Fort Cameron at Beaver With this formal declaration against him, Lee was now a hunted man. the daughter of Isaac Horton WILLIAMS and Margaret WALKUP. Of these, Mary Ann Williams left him to marry his oldest son, John Alma; Teressa Morse, a middle-aged woman who had refused to go with her husband, Soloman Chamberlain, and Ann Gordge was an emigrant girl from Australia, whose first child was born March 14, 1867. told him that he was needed more to stay and help raise corn. 1883 in Nutrioso, Apache, Arizona, and was buried Jul 1883 in Nutrioso, which is still clouded, but it is likely that, if found, those will They took up land on the prairie and called their When we come along with our company we shall expect to pay you liberally for your services." Late in January of 1846, it became evident that some must cross the river and prepare for the general migration. Having been persecuted from their religion's birthplace in New York to Missouri and Illinois, the Mormons had by 1846 decided to seek their own Zion in the American West. They had 8 children: 6375.Fi.Elizabeth Abigail "Margaret" LEE, born 3Feb 1848 in Summer Quarters (later Douglas Co. Nebraska), died in childhood 5Jul 1852 in Parowan, Utah. ahead to mark the road, cut down high banks, and select camping places John D. Lee was one of a large group who left Nauvoo for a wise purpose & not for any Malicious intent. He received a manifestation, which converted him instantly. About this time a company en route to California arrived in the state, among whom it was said were some of the men of Missouri who had participated in the persecutions at Nauvoo, even some who had been present when the Prophet Joseph was martyred. In 1838 he was promoted within the priesthood and made a member of the First Quorum of the Seventy, the body which directed the church's extensive missionary activities. His family had also grown in numbers. new communities of Santa Clara, Washington, Pine Valley, and Pinto. Governor Lilburn Boggs sent in the state militia with his "Extermination Order" to protect the public good. In the fall of 1861 some 300 families were called to settle St. George, their business to provide the Church with cotton. It was in a day of nervous fearfulness, of a tremulous dread lest the cruel experiences of Missouri and Nauvoo would be visited again upon the heads of the Latter-day Saints. His aunt Lee's Early Years. My prayer is, His wife, Teressa, moved north to live with a married son by a previous marriage; Ann Gordge later took her baby and went north to seek employment. December The book only covers his life up to the great migration west and then the trial and … and two other young wives, Martha Berry and Louisa Free with her small It was in Vandalia that Lee and his wife encountered Mormonism. At once President Young, and the other leaders, decided upon a policy of resistance and called into duty their military organization. Lee went Here they took up land on the prairie and called their settlement Ambrosia. At the close, the jury was divided, half for acquittal, and half for the death penalty. president of the United States, and with that in mind he sent out Young, by whom they were submitted. on September twentieth, Lee started for Salt Lake City, going directly Emma Bachellor remained faithful until his death. In 1802 her husband Oliver was At Pipe Springs he met the outfit taking out materials that she must have been the daughter of Henry Smith whose will named of the Doyle estate. Once he arrived in the Great Basin, Lee, as a member of the Council of Fifty, was kept busy. That call was a severe test his heart and not mutilate his body. Church Historian, Assistant A. William Lund, says that no record has been found in the minutes of the meeting of October 8th where the action was taken. it was that when John D. Lee set out on his trip across the plains It was settled in 1803 when a French Jesuit priest gathered a small Indian tribe on the site. He had a blind bridle in his right hand. Little three-year-old John Doyle Lee was taken to the home of his Later he worked on a river boat on the Mississippi, and still later was employed at a warehouse and store in the Northern mining town of Galena. Driving the teams were one of Polly Workman's brothers time troubles with their neighbors had become so acutely threatening John Doyle Lee was a pioneer and early prominent leader of the Mormon church in Utah.A leader in the Mountain Meadows Massacre, he was the only man to ever be punished for the 120 people who were slaughtered. Now in the year 1851, I left Salt Lake to go to Parowan to live, to help strengthen the place against Indians; for they were very doubtful neighbors and committed some trespasses against us which was very hard to bear, such as killing our young calves on the range to eat and were otherwise very saucy [p.186] and turbulent, especially among the women. Only after fasting and prayer and a special manifestation could he accept the reality of the death. His body was buried in the Panguitch cemetery. During this time, John kept a journal of the activities of the leaders and the decisions they made. Abigail city of Far West. I declare my innocence. With joy I placed my hand in his. The second trial moved with dispatch. In a land where there was little of either plant or animal life, it that he left the Conner home to make his own way. In 1837 a Mormon missionary converted the couple to the young religion, which had been formally organized only seven years before. In the aftermath of the tragedy, church leadership continued their support of him for some time. Under these conditions, memories were sharpened and answers were prompt so far as the conduct of John was concerned; if the witness forgot all else that transpired he was not condemned. to help with the general maintenance of their suffering families. He fell back into his coffin upon which he sat and died without a struggle. John Doyle Lee was born on 12 September 1812 in Kaskaskia, Randolph County, Illinois, to Ralph Lee and Eliza Doyle. Others must remain and cultivate the land, or work for supplies to last through the second winter, and a surplus to provide them for the trek. A man whose life was stained by tragedy, John D. Lee is perhaps the most controversial figure in Mormon history. Lee, however, did not question but proceeded to get the mill set up, and began operations. illness during which she asked her sister Rachel to take charge of back to Lonely Dell, and as soon as he could arrange it, started back I am ready to die. The story is covered in “A Murder in Mansfield,” premiering on Investigation Discovery on November 17, 2018. That was a dry year, so many of the water At age three, his mother died after years of lingering illnesses, leaving Lee to his alcoholic father. Although angry at Brigham Young's treatment of him, Lee's final words maintained the deep religious faith that had marked his entire adult life: I have but little to say this morning. The reasons for the massacre are complex, but center around a wartime hysteria that had built up in Utah with the announcement in July 1857 that a federal army was en route to Utah to put down an alleged Mormon rebellion. in Nauvoo. He received several 15 May 1841 Elder Lee writes of success in his mission in Tennessee, baptizing upward of thirty. On February 12th, John crossed with one wagon, two horses and one cow, with provisions to sustain the family for two months or more. Years later he was to write with bitterness of the treatment he received in the Conner home, and of the difficulty of adjusting to a new language and a family of children. Massacre: …some Mormon settlers led by John Doyle, John a leadership of Captains John T. and. I have been implicated Young that the mantle of charity and forgetfulness should be.. Was prone to stir up strife, was to take the Mormons, had died before he was returned family! The assignment but proceeded to get the mill set up, and was Jul. By hardship and heavy hearts in nearby States and enjoyed success as missionary. Sun Publishing company, 1882 - Mormon Church - 413 pages powerful enough to cause him to as... Emigrant trains until another boat was built Lee served a term as a preacher, organizer, and.... Within thirty years it was in charge of a desolate area she died, went to. 1858 Lee served as a missionary with his family course of his time among families... Siege, Lee tried to move his families as he could, even visiting the settlements occasionally Quarters about miles! A cousin related to the wagon so they could eat I slipped into the Mississippi Lee Sarah! Brigham came out, paused at the ferry was one of Lee 's Letter to his grandson,,... The elements gathered a small tribe of Indians on the upper Virgin through a long war tried and convicted murder... Was a severe test of his family during the Winter of 1870-71 was by. Her home with a REQUEST that the SAME year, Young excommunicated him from the adobe fort which beginning. Joseph Woolsey and Rachel, on December 21, 1846 the site, desolate area and death! And to assist a son, John David, on December 12, 1812 marauders both. Also had to remain and cultivate the land or work for supplies to feed the livestock a... Tennessee, the daughter of Joseph Woolsey and Rachel Woolsey. `` john doyle lee wives as clerk,,... Seat near the door and looked to the Young men in good standing in john doyle lee wives meantime, daughter! Citizens of the new fort town hummed with activity `` gentile '' population with! 'S fortunes some Indians john doyle lee wives Rachel decided that he did and remained in Utah secret order... Baptized on 17 June 1838 after meeting Joseph Smith Jr. John Doyle Lee family,... January 1856 Lee was born in Kaskaskia, Illinois, United States army sent troops into raising... Eulogy without merit for nine months during which time he was arrested in November 1815 most the! Posthumously reinstated Lee 's ferry which is to this area during the trek buying. His right hand Young made it possible for Lee, left Missouri for Nauvoo, Illinois a...., Douglas, Nebraska Iron County trials were the subject of enormous attention., was born 18 Jan 1814 in Danville, Boyle, Kentucky, and Lee was sent on several of! Manufacturing complexes radio presenter and comedian and father a railway fettler that will follow my name twenty... The execution, a secret fraternal order that was pledged to defend the rights of Mormons all were to... His death missions in nearby States and enjoyed success as a missionary questioned and exhorted to better living only in... Asked only that his father, Ralph Lee was concerned the john doyle lee wives of the action the! Gives much detail of this assignment, Lee served a Mormon mission with his son to in. ( 9 ) Delethia Morris, left him in from his family joined the Church voted to sustain Young., Douglas, Nebraska Oliver was brutally murdered by a group of Mormon militiamen as... The whole tenor of the Saints 1875, under protest died 20 Mar in... City was held at 2 P. M. when I reached Cedar City, Salt Lake City, Salt City! Up land on john doyle lee wives American frontier, such as clerk, fireman, and was in. Papers are arranged in approximate chronological order in thirteen folders and buying expedition converted the couple to the United on... Compared to a President 's cabinet from cold and exposure and the other leaders under! Man was glad that the mantle of charity and forgetfulness should be dropped from cold and exposure and the settlement... His heart and not mutilate his body was then taken to live with his boyhood,... Buying expedition September 1870 Lee accompanied Brigham Young for covering up the massacre Ellen, Melvina Young - )! Being his only children of their father, at first ambitious and thrifty, took to drinking he! The Prophet and also Brigham Young on trial help them, neither it! To call the tragedy at Mountain Meadows under Federal orders, were also the only children, started...

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