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Image Links Editor zooms to center of image instead of view. The "Create the Indoors Network" documentation page misleads users to assume the Thin Indoor Pathways tool still creates the final Network Dataset. Migrate your daily ArcMap workflows to ArcGIS Pro while mastering Esri's latest desktop GIS quickly and efficiently. ArcGIS Pro is the essential application for creating and working with spatial data on your desktop. When working with Stereo Imagery in ArcGIS Pro, the screen turns black when Hardware Anti-Aliasing is turned on. The Raster Calculator tool in ArcGIS Pro returns a Signed pixel depth raster as the output of a Con expression when one of the input is a Signed pixel depth raster and Mask is used with the tool. Make Grids And Graticules Layer GP tool is failing with ERROR 000824: The tool is not licensed for AO11. Measure values are slightly off in Roads and Highways Event Editor. This isolates an editor's work across multiple edit sessions, allowing users to edit without locking features in the production version or immediately impacting others and without having to make copies of the data. Performance issue when updating an SQL Server geodatabase versioned view in ArcGIS 10.8, when compared to ArcGIS 10.3. Create an Eye Dropper tool in ArcGIS Pro. LAS Pyramid: Reduce temp disk cache size and process time during build for very large datasets. ClassifyObjects service tool does not utilize GPU. Airfield.rbj, MarkingLine group has a check titled, 'Invalid Geometry on MarkingArea', which should be 'Invalid Geometry on MarkingLine'. Créer des cartes Les cartes permettent de visualiser, résumer, … What version of Python is used in ArcGIS? should include reference to ArcGIS platform compatibility for a utility network. Add Join does not respect more then 200 joined records per feature in a One to Many join. Improve selection in Version Changes dialog. Linear Referencing: Issues with the Overlay Route Events tool. The LAS Dataset to Raster tool returns the following error, "ERROR 000622: Failed to execute (LAS Dataset To Raster). Using Table to Table in ModelBuilder with an OLE DB Connection input table creates only ObjectID field in output. The Copy geoprocessing tool in ArcGIS Pro fails with the error "DBMS table not found [ORA-04043: object does not exist". Learn more about this book . An add-in built for version 1.x will not load in version 2.x. Append tool with target in a geometric network causes ArcGIS Pro to crash. ArcGIS Pro does not validate complex SQL queries while the underlying database management system (DBMS) does. Two Calculate Geometry Attribute tools connected one after the other in the same model cause ArcGIS Pro to crash. It is not directly possible to save a version 2.x project in a format compatible with version 1.x. And the new Favorites button allows users to indicate which layers or web maps they prefer, as well as … U.S. address 1 Blue Slip, Brooklyn, NY 11222 returns the wrong location in world geocoding service. The Python programming language has been used in each version since ArcGIS 9.0. Share this: Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) Related. [For 2.7]. Bar chart: Y-axis bounds not correct when using date field. Empty output created using LASD on Stack Profile GP tool. Model edits are not reflected in the execution of a Python script tool referencing the model when tool is refreshed. Publisher: Esri File size: 1.2 GB Date added: Dec 16, 2020 | Last update check: 1 minute ago Licence: Trial | Buy Now Runs on: … The Maximum Likelihood classifier generates a poorly classified raster in ArcGIS Pro 2.6. Exporting a layout to a PDF, JPEG, or PNG format does not retain the same side map scale. When the storage location for a Pixel Cache is changed in the Add Rasters To Mosaic Dataset tool, the path location given by Repair Mosaic Dataset Paths still points to the temp folder in the user profile. Output Products from ArcGIS Drone2Map 2.2 are located roughly 30,000 meters from the photo points and flight lines when GCPs in a planar coordinated system are used. Build overview on a mosaik dataset makes a request to, which is a security problem. [Drone2Map for ArcGIS] I18N-HCS: Untranslated string Unknown in Mensuration pane. Question mark should not flipped for RTL Hebrew LP. should write that symbology to dataset metadata. The ‘Model Builder’ title and iterator tools are not localized in ArcGIS Pro. ArcGIS en version française | Esri Suisse. ERROR 000628: Cannot set input into parameter interpolation_type.” when Interpolation_Type is set when run via ArcPy. It allows you to create maps, perform spatial analysis, and manage data. Crash occurs when reconcile is executed while the destination table is not registered as versioned. Preserve SQLite does not work in the ArcGIS Pro 2.5 Consolidate Project tool​. Projects are forward compatible across major releases. ArcGIS 10.6.1 Crack PRO + Desktop Download Free Full Version {Latest} Author Rating. When running the 'Append Routes' tool (location referencing) in Python fails, and returns the following error message, "Field 'Name' has wrong type.". Unable to edit graduated color values in ArcGIS Pro if the operating system language is Swedish with 'point' as the decimal symbol. ArcGIS Pro Map LR tools don't work after layer's broken data source is repaired. The ArcGIS Pro script tool validator does not respect the changes made to the script when using the Script Editor. In ArcGIS Pro when arcpy.env.AddOutputsToMap is set to False, the object fails to exist. An add-in built for version 2.x will not load in version 1.x. is returned. Crash using Conflicts view after conflict on implicit reconcile (traditional versioning). GIS Tutorial for ArcGIS Pro 2.6. Template attributes lost on bulk updating template properties. Without Selecting Features, "Select Layer By Location" fails with "ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail.". "Display links on map" button will crash ArcGIS Pro 2.6 if Map and Feature Class have different projections. ArcGIS Pro’s deep symbology tools, performant rendering, and vast support of geospatial formats merges the domains of analysis and presentation. [Drone2Map for ArcGIS] I18N-HCS: Untranslated string in Region, Select and Operations ToolTips in Edit ribbon. Major and minor releases introduce new functionality. ArcGIS Pro software releases follow the semantic versioning specification. Navigation: Include (optional) coordinate text with Go To XY map graphics. Layer to KML does not support a selection set on the input layer. Si le serveur d'hébergement de votre portail est configuré avec un stockage des données relationnelles et un stockage des données du cache de tuiles, vous pouvez publier des couches de scènes à partir d' ArcGIS Pro (version 1.1 ou ultérieure) sur votre portail. Learn more about this book. Include reference to the ability to stop a Python script while running in the ArcGIS Pro Python window. Review Date. ArcGIS Pro Quick-Start Tutorials The tutorials vary in length from 10 to 45 minutes and include a short preview video. This specification defines software versions according to a major.minor.patch scheme. Unable to create an empty checkout replica using a definition query. Implement an option with vector tiles to allow labels with a rotation to rotate with the map frame in ArcGIS Pro. Fields shifted for dataset with join after change version. When KML layers are turned on and off in a layout in ArcGIS Pro from the Contents pane, the map frame does not update which KML layers are displayed. In ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1, Category Parameter in ‘Geocode Address’ tool is displayed Incorrectly in the Japanese version. The duplicate field returns zero values when the Spatial Join tool is run for the second time. Versions are not separate copies of the geodatabase. The Calculate Geometry tool does not return Decimal Degrees when used on a feature class using UTM for a coordinate system. Genericom Le nombre de logiciels proposés par Genericom: Annoncez sur notre site Téléchargez votre logiciel en Possibilités tratuit publicité. Si une version localisée de Desktop 10.3 - 10.8 est installée et que vous exécutez la mise à niveau de la 10.8.1 en anglais du programme d’installation, seule l’installation principale de Desktop est mise à niveau. DTM User Defined GSD can be set lower than ortho GSD causing processing to fail. Workflows vary … In ArcGIS Pro, the Create Vector Tile Package tool does not honor the 'ArcGIS_Online_Bing_Maps_Google_Maps' scale level in the Tiling Schemes folder. The Table to Excel geoprocessing tool fails when the input table is the output table from the Make Query Table geoprocessing tool, and Use domain and subtype description is checked. The Mapboard now lets users define an extent from a data layer, map, or file saved on their computers. Take your projects further and tell the story you’ve always envisioned. ArcGIS Pro: Essential Training a 2-1/3 hour online course from LinkedIn Learning (Duke users only). Examples of the specification are as follows: Major releases introduce changes that are not backward compatible. SDK- No way to convert Map Coordinates to Page Layout Coordinates. Do not execute a 'create table tst_tab' and 'drop table tst_tab' SQL query when connecting as a read-only user to an Oracle Database within ArcGIS Pro. "arcpy.UploadServiceDefinition_server" function used with the "HOSTING_SERVER" parameter in the "in_server" parameter: UploadServiceDefinition_server(in_sd_file, in_server, {in_service_name}, {in_cluster}, {in_folder_type}, {in_folder}, {in_startupType}, {in_override}, {in_my_contents}, {in_public}, {in_organization}, {in_groups}). When using the pie chart symbology with the sum of selected fields for size type, the operation fails if an enterprise geodatabase feature class contains a join. Pop-up in the map viewer does not show the information of related tables. Support elevation surface (image services) input to Interpolate Shape tool, the way many other non-3danalyst tools already do. An accelerator set for the Select tool does not function. Learn more about how to manage versions. Specifying output coordinates in an environment settings to other than 'Same as Input' produces incorrectly rounded of resolution and tolerance values for ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro geoprocessing tools. Enable 'Unclassed Colors' symbology to be programmatically refreshed to update ranges/labels. Check for orphaned cache while publishing to standalone server. Event layers and table views added from an OLE DB connection in an Untitled project break when the project is saved. You can help by adding to it. Legends using dashed and solid lines are not displayed correctly in ArcGIS Pro as the arrangement between the solid strokes and the shape marker in the layout differs from the arrangement in the map. The analyzer windows does not allow to register the data source while publishing a Web Tool from an unregistered source. An add-in built for version 1.x will not load in version 2.x. For example, a project created in ArcGIS Pro 1.x can be opened in ArcGIS Pro 2.x. Add “Only display these scales when zooming” functionality to ArcGIS Pro. Instead, versions and the transactions that take place within them are tracked in system tables. The latest version of ArcGIS Maps for Adobe Creative Cloud gives users more creative freedom to design with data-driven maps inside Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The Field Calculator expression and code block fields are blank when input includes inline variables in ModelBuilder. ArcGIS Pro projects that are created in one major release version of the software cannot be opened by versions of ArcGIS Pro from an earlier major release. Add that the option in ArcGIS Pro's Geoprocessing Options to 'add datasets to an open map' overrides ArcGIS Pro SDK's GPExecuteToolFlags to the documentation. Please provide a means of forcing key numbers to draw regardless of the map scale and level of data clustering/overlap. Most tools are missing in GP tools search control in JA/zh-CN/zh-TW language packs. Custom expressions do not display in ArcGIS Pro 2.6 pop-ups if the 'Use the layer's visible fields' option is checked. After updating to version 1.8.2 of the ArcGIS API for Python, Notebooks display incorrectly in ArcGIS Pro 2.6.1 partly off-screen. The show is hosted by “Esri Inc.” To quickly get to a specific project, you can pin it to the Start taskbar. The Calculate Geometry Attributes tool cannot repeat the geometry property in another field in ArcGIS Pro. Splitting features creates extra features with null geometry. Can run processing without repathing images. Error 500: error in handling operation validateNewTopology if ArcGIS Server 10.8 Utility Network Update Subnetwork Patch is installed. The raster resolution reduces when converting a map to a scene, causing symbology issues. The 'Build Multidimensional Info' tool output is incorrect and does not create new columns in ArcGIS Pro 2.6. DE File parameters in a GP tool that have no filter do not show all file types in the input browser. It is incorporated into the setups of ArcGIS Desktop, ArcGIS Pro, and ArcGIS Enterprise. Learn more about this book. Follow step-by-step, introductory lessons plus videos and lecture slides to learn ArcGIS Pro essentials in the classroom or at home. ArcGIS Pro creates raster attribute table (RAT) for rasters with over 16-bit depth leading to poor performance relative to ArcMap. Multiple clicks required to make the domains drop-down appear when connected to an enterprise geodatabase in ArcGIS Pro 2.5. Please update the documentation for the BA Generate Desire Lines tool to give the eligible distance_type values. Numeric values with fewer or more decimal places are correctly interpreted. ArcGIS 10.8 and ArcGIS Pro 2.5 support the following PostgreSQL and PostGIS release combinations: PostgreSQL 9.6.15 (64 bit) PostGIS 2.3; PostgreSQL 10.12 (64 bit) PostGIS 3.0.1; PostgreSQL 11.7 (64 bit) PostGIS 3.0.1; ArcGIS 10.8.1 and ArcGIS Pro 2.6. Bar chart symbology based on joined fields does not display properly. Download Full Version ArcGis Pro Crack With Keygen. TextElement.elementHeight crashes as web tool on 10.8.1 standalone server with web adaptor. Tables: Return better results when filtering with fields from the right side of a M:M join. Bulk insert/delete suggestion for apply edits optimization. [Data Specific] Running the 'Spatially Constrained Multivariate Clustering' tool Against This Feature Class Produces an Out of Memory Error Regardless of Installed RAM. Use the Versions view to create a version. Inserting a TIFF into a report or layout results in incorrect behavior on export. ERROR 999999: Something unexpected caused the tool to fail. Orthomapping fails when the comma is set to decimal separator in Windows. The acknowledgements for ArcGIS can be found on Esri's legal website. - The 'Table To Domain' GP Tool in ArcGIS Pro will Crash the Client if the 'Input Table' Parameter is a Feature Service URL when the Tool is Run. Parameters are not valid. Preferred label names do not show up in the locator properties for StreetMap Premium locators. SunShadowFrequency: Start Time parameter shows Error 050153 when only date is specified. Point measurement Z unit not translated in French LP. When publishing a web layer from ArcGIS Pro, the only Server option to choose within the "Server and Folder" section is the current hosting server and not other federated servers. DEMs not added back to map when Keep on Map is selected. Related Reports fail to export data if the relate is built GlobalID to Guid. Partager des couches de scènes. Add ability to use key numbering for all features. The Append tool should return a better error message when it fails because the GlobalID field does not have a unique index & PreserveGlobalIds=True. returns the java.lang.NoSuchMethodError error when called in Server Object Extension (SOE) built from ArcGIS Enterprise SDK. I18N-RTL: Back/Forward arrows should not flip but functional wise needs to be reversed. ArcGIS Pro Data Reviewer Domain rule is missing "Search Goal" from pane. Layer output names do not honor the Inline variable when ModelBuilder Iterator is used. In Drone2Map for ArcGIS, the volume calculation results show the area but changing the unit does not dynamically change the area. Reclassify (Spatial Analyst) in ArcGIS Pro 2.5 does not retain inline variable paths, and automatically converts to an absolute path after the first run. Minor releases and patches are cumulative. Creating a feature dataset is grayed out in the context menu when using a ArcGIS Pro Basic license. Locator Properties - Crash with custom Locator and German Language Settings. Only Airfield feature dataset items should be included in Airfield.rbj. The Make Feature Layer tool fails with Error:000732 if it is used with a hosted feature service that contains spaces in the layer name. In RA cluster, CRF creation is failing as all workers doesn't have access to the scratch folder. A custom Z Max value for a feature class is not honored and is reverted back to the default value, 900719925479.099, when creating a feature class in ArcGIS Pro 2.6. Unable to create a mobile map package in ArcGIS Pro, when the map contains layers from different feature datasets in the same file geodatabase and one of the feature datasets participates in topology. The Documentation on adding default locators in ArcMap does not provide enough specification on correct parameter configuration and limitations when adding a geocode service. Deep Learning: Train Deep Learning tool needs to support KITTI_Rectangles MetadataFormat. In ArcGIS Pro, ‘Share as web layer’ tool does not allow to control capitalization with the same letter configuration as the existing folder while trying to create a new Location folder. Unable to create new feature class when map is set to ICS. Project recovery saves are triggering save edits when "Save edits when saving a project" is turned on in Editing Options. Writing to a CSV file using the 'w' class in a Python script results in an incorrect data type for the last field when opened in ArcMap 10.8 and ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1. When exporting in parallel view, the resulting image is a lot more zoomed than the setting, but when switch to export in perspective view, the image size same as setting. Reconcile Versions GP tool not honoring set parameter to continue when conflicts are detected. CR335908 - For Database views update the properties page title bar to display as view properties (accessed via the Project pane). ArcGIS Pro … Patches address known issues but do not deliver new functionality. Create example Python code within arcpy.PointGeometry() documentation for working with Z values. Black color in RGB (0,0,0) is set as (100,100,100,0) in CMYK instead of (0,0,0,100) in ArcGIS Pro. The error message, ERROR 130051: Input feature class is not registered as versioned is returned when running Calculate Geometry for area on layers containing joins. Create Feature Class does not create output when model is run as tool; Enable Editor Tracking gives error "ERROR 000110: does not exist". ArcGIS 10.8 and ArcGIS Pro 2.5. Implement the ArcGIS Pro SDK for accessing a map layer's metadata. ALIGN: Anchor Points are being created where Links should be. REPLICATION: Add register existing data option to Create Replica GP tool. Search for: Menu Close. Major releases also introduce breaking API changes to the ArcGIS Pro SDK for .NET. Pour consulter la liste des problèmes corrigés dans la version 10.8.1, reportez-vous à la rubrique Liste des problèmes corrigés dans 10.8.1.Pour consulter la liste des problèmes corrigés dans la version 10.8, reportez-vous à la page Liste des problèmes corrigés … PostgreSQL: CR319333: Create a Spatial Index on a Materialized View. Uploading a service definition from ArcGIS Pro 2.5 (French Version) returns the following error message, "ERROR 000732: Server: the HOSTING_SERVER dataset does not exist or is not supported" . MultipatchBuilderEx does not set the spatial reference when calling ToGeometry. When GetCount is run from stand-alone script after ConvertLabelsToAnno on a layer whose name is different than its source FC, the layer’s DQ is not honored. When the Create LRS Event From Existing Dataset tool is used in a model in ArcGIS Pro and the input variables are set as parameters, users are unable to change the values for any inputs other than the Parent LRS Network and Event Feature class. Received warning when displaying symbology of a raster layer as a vector field using a custom symbology with a manual class interval break in ArcGIS Pro. About release versions. In ArcGIS Pro, the definition query on a layer with 'is equal to' or 'less than or equal to' is not respected for any decimal values less than one. Adding a new feature that inserts a vertex to existing feature in a service with both Utility Network and Location Referencing System layers fails with a locks error. Processing Report stays open when switching projects. Folders not refreshed when importing from hosted feature layer. It is now available in English – if you use English in ArcGIS Pro, the application will notify you of the new version when you start it. Update the Drone2Map "Manage GCP's" documentation to explain the adjustment behavior. A change from version x.3 to x.4 is a minor release. Layout titles are truncated at periods in PDF name when exported to PDF (e.g., layout named Figure 4-3. You can install ArcGIS Pro 2.7 on a virtual machine in the Oracle Cloud to connect to and work with data in Autonomous Transaction Processing database in Oracle Cloud and Co-managed Systems Virtual Machine DB Systems. Map packages, mobile map packages, layer packages, and geoprocessing packages are compatible with all major releases. Unlike ArcGIS Desktop, the ArcCatalog and ArcMap functionalities are accessed through the same application, most … The Digital Elevation Model (DEM) enabled with the DRA symbology is printed with a tiled effect when the layout is printed from the Microsoft Print to PDF option in ArcGIS Pro. Solution for "003049: The account logged into portal is not licensed with the ArcGIS Utility Network user type extension." In ArcGIS Pro 2.5 LAS dataset points disappear when zoomed in. Publishing locator to Enterprise/Portal (federated server) is not possible in Python. See What's New for Developers for more information. Raster to DTED (0,1, 2) tool output is incorrect for -50 Degrees South. Remove upper function on GUID columns in parcel fabric queries against Oracle enterprise geodatabases. 2019-02-03. ArcGIS Pro 2.7.0. ArcGIS Pro crashes after certain ground control points (GCPs) are imported into an ortho mapping workspace. ArcGIS Pro Add WMS Server Connection duplicates the request and service parameters in the URL causing the connection to fail. Python window_ using Send to Python window of Calculate Field History item with code clock generates syntax that fails with "SyntaxError: EOL while scanning string literal" cause it's split over 2 lines. The symbol scale for line and polygon is not synchronized with a legend in ArcGIS Pro. The Layer To KML tool in ArcGIS Pro does not respect the folder and subfolder structure. When using the State Plane (US feet) projection, the area value returns in Calculate Geometry and Field Calculator are different. (May 2020) ArcGIS Pro is a 64-bit GIS software that is the more modern version of ArcGIS Desktop. FAA 18B Reviewer Batch job contains duplicate checks for some feature classes handled by the Airspace.rbj. In ArcGIS Pro, removing built-in tabs under the Customize the Ribbon options after importing a customization file, causes all tabs to disappear. WCS getcoverage call should take translated chars. Semicolon in project name causes processing to fail. Offset X and Offset Y of certain line features not honored by legend patches in ArcGIS Pro. Add Join in ArcGIS Pro yields the wrong data when input as view or layer with a query. ArcGIS Desktop is a foundational piece for GIS professionals to create, analyze, manage, and share geographic information so decision-makers can make intelligent, informed decisions. Group Template duplicate—Editing builders loses feature template until close/reopen. Attribute pane calendar control doesn't allow dates before 01.01.100. Add option to Write GeoTiff Tags to ArcPy's Layout.exportToTiff method in ArcGIS Pro. Nevada DWR Groundwater basins in the Vicinity of the Study Area is exported as Figure 4-3.pdf). Supported database versions. Extract Multivalues to Points uses wrong default extent. Tutorials. When applying Unique Values symbology for a raster dataset that has a colormap, colors are not retained or accurately matched with the values in the designated Value field if there are nulls. 5. ArcGIS Pro 2.6 crashes when adding a pan-sharpened national imagery transmission format (NITF) while in the focus view of a panchromatic NITF layer. SQL functions using the ST_Geometry type fail on Oracle Solaris 5.11 11.4 OS - Oracle 19c Database - versions 10.8 and 10.8.1 Enterprise Geodatabase environments with the following error message, "ORA-06520: PL/SQL: Error loading external library.". The ArcGIS Pro Append tool is very slow if the target feature class participates in a relationship class with messaging enabled. When exporting a layout with a map containing a New Link Chart an "object reference not set to an instance of the object" appears. Minor releases and patches work seamlessly with existing projects. The query is not honored when using the Tabulate Area tool in a Python script in Make Feature Layer with an SQL query. However, once the project is saved in version 2.x, it cannot be reopened in version 1.x. These include changes to ArcGIS Pro project files (.aprx) and other document formats, such as project templates, layers, maps, and layouts. ArcGIS Pro cannot add a connection to a portal that is configured with a SAML Identity Provider that has multi factor authentication (one-time password). "Ready To Use" GP Service tools do not return results when run in ModelBuilder/Python window after running first in the GP pane. SureThing CD Labeler 5. Identifying on photo point in orthomapping workspace shows an incorrect DateTaken as 1/1/0001 12:00:00 AM. Vous ne connaissez pas encore ArcGIS? ArcGIS 10.8 et ArcGIS Pro 2.5. REGRESSION: Export multiple PDFs no longer displaying progress as it does with 2.5. Geoprocessing pane favorites still shows translated tool names after language pack has been uninstalled. Popular Geoprocessing Tools shows an empty list under Customize the Ribbon option in the Japanese environment in ArcGIS Pro. In ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro, the Bearing Distance To Line tool generates lines having 0 degrees instead of the specified bearings when the distance exceeds the extent of the map near the North pole. Create Map Tile Package should enable Antialiasing on mapdocument by default. Le module linguistique est conservé dans l'emplacement d'installation d'origine. Clarify the difference between what is returned by the SHAPE@XY and SHAPE@TRUECENTROID tokens when in a cursor on a feature layer. Using the "Only show features visible in the map extent" on a raster with a value that displays "all other values" omits that value it from the legend in ArcGIS Pro 2.6. "Generate Routes" tool from the Location Referencing toolbox returns Error 999999 when used on an LRS Network dataset in ArcGIS Pro versions after 2.4.3. While adding dataset with feature class and dataset of the same name, only layer with same name as dataset is added in ArcGIS Pro. Calculating geometry when downloading a map from ArcGIS Server fails. The directions window in ArcGIS Pro used to display the Junction name in Pro 2.5.2, but no longer does so in Pro 2.6 or later. In ArcGIS Pro, shadows for multipatch features do not render correctly at certain map extents for specific data. Permissions are not propagated to an intermediate table of the second M: N relationship class. Editing values for a graduated color symbology with ArcGIS Pro 2.5.1 on a French operating system (OS) does not honor the operating system (OS) decimal separator in the Windows Regional Settings. When labeling objects using 'Label Objects for Deep Learning' of an image service, the error message, "Labeled sample objects could not be saved for the run." ArcGIS installs the versions of Python listed below. FMV Video Multiplexer does not return correct video metadata output when the region format settings are English (Denmark). Editing DWG in AutoCAD Civil 3D, saving edits, and zooming to data in ArcGIS Pro shifts the position of the data. The Apply Symbology From Layer and Make Feature Layer tools do not work in a model when the input uses an inline variable. Text in Description Text Boxes does not start on first line. Use can now launch ArcGIS Pro without first creating a project. [For 2.7]. Roll back unregister as branch versioned when a failure occurs. An add-in built for version 2.x will not load in version 1.x. Copy/Paste fails when taken from a geoprocessing tool parameter. Error 999999 when dissolving line feature using Unsplit linesoption of Dissolve and the input contains null geometry. The World Geocoder returns a suggestion for an administrative place-name that cannot be found by the findAddressCandidate request that uses the suggestion, if a search extent is used that intersects the administrative place-name extent, but does not contain the point location associated with the magicKey. See What's New for Developers for more information.

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