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no on prop l

Virtually the only thing that can be said in Prop L’s defense is that nothing in it would be binding—it is more cri de car than actual policy-making. They hired expensive lawyers and paid political operatives to collect enough signatures to ask California voters just one question: Will you let app companies buy themselves a special exemption in the law to exploit workers for profit? Getting a major, policy-changing initiative on the ballot in San Francisco, especially with a billionaire’s backing, is so easy there’s practically an app for it, but that doesn’t mean San Franciscans will buy it. L’s backers don’t say this because they know that an explicit call for a crackdown on people on bikes would be a non-starter at the polls. Plus the area just cannot handle that much new traffic, it’s just not possible. Lenkeverktøy er aktivert, trykk på lenkeikon ved siden av overskrift/avsnitt for å … After Parker, the San Francisco Republican Central Committee is Prop L’s second largest funder. L’s backers seek to enshrine this special status permanently, again in the name of balance. “Prop 15’s higher property taxes will hurt minority-owned small businesses the most — increasing their rents and causing many to go under, which will make systemic racism and inequality worse. A good example of this is an upcoming ballot measure in San Francisco called Prop L. We find this proposition so narrow-minded that we’re hosting a fundraising event to support the No on Gridlock, No on Prop L campaign. Let’s be clear about a couple of things right up front. The tax proposal is titled Proposition L and will be on the Nov. 6 ballot in St. Louis County except for cities that have their own libraries. Prop. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Kommunal- og moderniseringsdepartementet. L. This, in fact, might end up being the most important long-term effect of the Prop. (rett til å setje opp ladepunkt for elbil, samanslåing av eigarseksjonssameige) Til innhaldsliste. You'll see all the posts for that time period. target_type: 'mix' This proposition is the pet project of one man, and lacks backing from a broad coalition of privacy advocates. More money to perpetuate a broken system is why I urge you to vote no on Prop D. More funding without reform will continue the damage our transportation policies and spending have done to our communities big and small. The SFMTA estimates that San Francisco has 195 million square feet of roads. In 2004, California voters approved Proposition 71. H, voters rejected it nearly two to one, and the last time Jason Clark was involved in a political campaign, his run for State Assembly as a Republican in 2012, he got 15 percent of the vote. Prop 22: Written BY App Companies, FOR App Companies Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash spent millions to write a deceptive measure and qualify it for the November ballot. Current Transfer Tax Rates and Proposed Changes Property Sale Price Current Transfer Tax (and tax rate) There are 15 miles of bus lanes, another .4 percent of our city streets. Published November 1, 2018. Prop L would reduce the current requirement of a supermajority (7 of 11 Supervisors) to reject the MTA budget to a simple majority, thus making it easier for Supervisors to hold the MTA budget hostage to local interests. I am a small rental property owner, also known as a “mom and pop” landlord. Don’t be fooled by Prop 57. Voters rejected a similar proposition in 2018. Hopefully, this coalition will outlast this campaign and continue working for safer, friendlier streets. The Overpaid Executive Tax is calculated to raise $140 million dollars every year, allowing the City to hire hundreds of nurses, doctors, first responders, and other essential healthcare workers. Many people will find this perplexing, since parking is already free on Sundays. No on Gridlock, No on Prop L Fundraiser L’s supporters rely heavily on the fact that 79 percent of San Francisco households have access to at least one car, but they never quote statistics about how San Franciscans actually get around, precisely because these latter numbers look a lot worse for them. Browse previous blog posts by month and year of entry. The SFMTA has two main sources of revenue: fares from Muni riders, and fees from drivers storing their cars on SF’s streets. If Prop. Mraz joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss his opposition to Measure L sayings, “The other side says it’s saving farms and creating an agritopia but none of that is true. Consider the following: “The goal of any proposed re-engineering of traffic flows by the City should be to achieve safer, smoother-flowing traffic.” This either means, “ensure that the most people can use the street as efficiently and safely as possible,” in which case this is already what the SFMTA does and the proposition is meaningless, or it means “Streets should be optimized for car traffic,” in which case Prop. If passed, Proposition 21, the “Rental Affordability Act", will drastically expand California’s rent control laws by repealing the protections we now have Vote Yes on Prop L. Even if the 79 percent figure weren’t deliberately misleading, the claim that drivers in San Francisco are an oppressed group would still be, at best, silly. Why a Yes Vote on Prop. If it’s the latter, it’s clear that Prop. '. Photo: Brian Coyne, Most of this public parking lot was formerly an apartment building; should we demolish more housing to build parking? Prop 22 will be on your ballot and is Uber and Lyft’s deceptive $184 MILLION initiative that will allow them the freedom to continue subverting the law and exploiting their drivers, denying them employee status and basic protections like the minimum wage. If there’s a war on cars, cars have certainly managed to hold almost all the territory. Mraz is also involved in the SOS/Save Our Stage festival on YouTube and will be performing at the Belly Up to raise money for the National Independent Venue Association’s emergency relief fund. Prop L also calls on the SFMTA to “construct and operate neighborhood parking garages.” Historically in San Francisco, parking lots and garages have been constructed by razing entire blocks of businesses and housing (5th and Mission Garage, Glen Park BART), or turning parks into garage roofs barely able to support trees (Civic Center, St. Mary’s Square, Union Square). Make no mistake: Proposition L is an attack on safe streets and an attack on bicycling. Los Angeles has been hit hard by California’s housing crisis. L’s backers would have you believe that our transportation policies are biased against people driving. Prop. (Tech companies are surprisingly quiet about this measure; the Internet Association and California Chamber of Commerce criticized it in a legislative hearing but have no formal position on it.) Photo: Brian Coyne, Capp Street's sidewalks were narrowed decades ago to let cars go faster; do we want more of that? No on Prop 10. If the measure passes, any large corporation that pays their top executive 100 times more than their average worker will have a 0.1% surcharge added to their annual business tax payment. L campaign. What does a NO vote on Prop 17 mean? [61] Haibo Huang, co-founder of San Diego Asian Americans for Equality: "Race is a forbidden classification for good reason, because it demeans the dignity and worth of a person to be judged by ancestry instead of his or her own merit and essential qualities. The only way to claim that “balance” demands that Muni riders pay fares on Sundays and drivers park their cars for free is if you believe, as Prop. OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – One of the measures on the November 3rd ballot is Measure L, which asks voters to uphold or repeal the Oceanside City Council’s adoption of … 15 Is a Bad Thing While there is no indication that residential property taxes would be affected, even if Proposition 15 were to pass, that doesn’t mean that many residents of California won’t feel the brunt of such a new law, should it take effect. SACRAMENTO, CA – This week, former Assembly Speaker and San Francisco Mayor Willie L. Brown, Jr. penned an opinion piece in CALmatters explaining how the $12.5 billion-a-year property tax hike measure will hurt minority-owned small businesses. L’s backers want to go back to the old destroy-the-neighborhood-to-save-the-parking strategy, they need to say so. Prop L is expected to raise over $140 million every year which would allow the City to hire hundreds of nurses, doctors, and first responders. Proposition 17 changes the State Constitution to allow people on state parole to register to vote, thereby allowing them to vote. CALIFORNIA, USA — California Proposition 14 is a vote to approve $5.5 billion dollars for stem cell research and research facilities in the state. L’s backers apparently do, that the interests of drivers fundamentally count for more than the interests of everyone else. Not when a pressing need hasn't been demonstrated, not when the tax increase is so large and not at a time when so many families are struggling to make ends meet. So fire safety, traffic, and it will become the first domino in killing Oceanside’s valuable and historic farmland.”. A no vote keeps the policy the same way it is today where parolees have no voting rights until parole is done. }); illegally damaging redwood groves in Big Sur, only 36.6 percent of San Franciscans drove to work alone, too many political and community groups for me to name here, parking garages towering over SF landmarks, Car advocates putting plan for Richmond Bridge bike lane at risk, Yosemite by bike on a secret, car-free road, Marin and Sonoma’s north-south bikeway inches along, The Year Of The Bike: Our 2017 Predictions For Bike Commuting. Prop D would increase … A YES vote on this measure means: State and local entities could consider race, sex, color, ethnicity, and national origin in public education, public employment, and public contracting to the extent allowed under federal and state law. Why We’re Voting No On Prop 10 “ With millions of baby boomers retiring and dependent on fixed incomes, Prop 10 will make it more difficult for them to stay in California near their families. California NAACP President Alice Huffman says NO to Prop 15. What the Measure Would Do Proposition I would double San Francisco’s property transfer tax rate on commercial and residential properties valued between $10 million and $24.99 million from 2.75% to 5.5%, and on properties valued at $25 million or more from 3% to 6%. This latest venture might get a few more votes, but I wouldn’t bet the family car on it. Oceanside Measure L, a development project zoning referendum measure, was on the ballot as a referendum in Oceanside on November 3, 2020. Prop. A “NO” vote on Prop 25 repeals SB10 and gives us a chance to advance real pretrial reform, instead of replacing the money bail system with a worse system of biased risk assessments and unlimited judicial power. They may have a car at home, but they’re also pedestrians, bicyclists, and riders of public transportation. 25 to make sure liberty is decided by a system based on fairness – not the size of anyone’s wallet. window._taboola = window._taboola || []; Posted on December 16, 2019 by Marc Klaas. L is Jason Clark, a former Republican candidate for State Assembly, but most of the funding comes from tech billionaire Sean Parker, now also well known for donating millions to GOP candidates and illegally damaging redwood groves in Big Sur. OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – Grammy winner Jason Mraz lives in Oceanside where he farms avocados and coffee beans and more through Mraz Family Farms. The answer clearly is "no." Small … Most of Prop L’s clauses are, depending on how they’re interpreted, either meaningless or deliberately dishonest. Proposition 17: Allowing parolees to vote If Proposition 17 passes, it would allow parolees – those … The measure would shred long-standing Prop 13 protections that have kept property taxes affordable and provided every taxpayer that buys a home or operates business with certainty that they can afford their property tax bills in the future. This ad for Drug Safe Utah explains opposition to the Utah Proposition 2 and features the voiceover work of Lesley Mendenhall The SF Chronicle, the late, great SF Bay Guardian, the Examiner, eight San Francisco supervisors, and too many political and community groups for me to name here have all denounced Prop. In 2012, only 36.6 percent of San Franciscans drove to work alone. Vote NO On Prop 57: List of Fake Non-Violent Crimes Part 3. It’s not just Oceanside but Bonsall and Fallbrook that use this one street to evacuate. Thus, in a typical morning commute, people driving alone make up 36.6 percent of all people on the roads and are able to use 98 percent of the city’s street space, and Prop. Prop. It might, however, be safer to be a fly on the wall of a building a few blocks away. (Because current state law allows registered voters to run for elective offices, this measure would result in people on state parole being able to do so as well, if they meet existing qualifications such as not having been convicted of perjury or bribery.) Photo: Brian Coyne, Vote NO on Prop. Today, hundreds of ride-share drivers, union members, and labor allies came out to Lyft’s DTLA hub to say NO to gig greed and NO to Proposition 22. _taboola.push({ A "yes" vote supported adopting a city council ordinance to rezone 176.6 acres in northeastern Oceanside from Agricultural to Planned Development to allow for the North River Farms development project. L’s backers are concealing their actual goals, perhaps knowing that most San Franciscans will find the idea of optimizing street design for cars, and cars alone, immensely unappealing. It was defeated . Most people get around in lots of different ways depending on the situation, and San Franciscans, even the ones who do own cars, are by and large not interested in putting that one mode ahead of all others. In other words, 63.4 percent of San Franciscans got to work—the trip for which we have the best data—some way other than driving a car alone. Please stand with me, justice reform and civil rights leaders, and the California Democratic Party in voting Yes on Prop. The tax is simple. The proposition also demands that parking be free on Sundays. container: 'taboola-interstitial-gallery-thumbnails-3', L, a right-wing attack on biking and safe streets. Black, Latinx and poor communities and anti-racist advocates who seek to roll back mass Prop L would make transit planning more vulnerable to political meddling. If Proposition 15 were to pass, it would essentially reverse Proposition 13. We have 74 miles of bike lanes. Now is not the time to raise taxes.”. We had the Lilac Fires in 2017 and evacuating was terrible. The current home total in that area is 170, this would triple that in one swipe. The main public face of Prop. In fact, some of them oppose it. Make no mistake: Proposition L is an attack on safe streets and an attack on bicycling. mode: 'thumbnails-c', Prop. T he list of crimes that qualify as non-violent in California is so long that it took 3-blog posts to list all of them. 25 will prevent Californians from having to face the ongoing financial calamity that comes with money bail. Prop. No matter the outcome of the lawsuit, if the new Proposition J passes with a two-thirds majority, it would be enacted in place of the 2018 School Parcel Tax. L’s backers explained whose homes and businesses they’d like to destroy to make room for parking. L’s backers attempt to disguise the initiative’s focus on cars, claiming that their ideas would “better serve” not just motorists (although motorists are, of course, listed first) but also “pedestrians…Muni riders, and bicyclists.” Bizarrely, Prop L’s website even claims that the proposal “supports Transit First.” Maybe, but only if “transit” means “cars” or perhaps if “first” means “last.” The overall strategy seems to be to try to sneak the proposition through using deliberately bland language and then, if it passes, claim a city-wide mandate for the Autopian vision hidden behind the platitudes. It would be interesting to be a fly on the wall at the neighborhood meetings where Prop. No On Prop 15 Proposition 15 is an $11.5 billion tax increase on commercial properties across California – the largest property tax increase in State history. Recommendation from the Ministry of Finance of 12 May 2020, approved in the Council of State on the same date. By Sentinel News Service. Brown argues the flawed measure will negatively impact small businesses due to rent increases from skyrocketing property taxes. Bike lanes are, on average, 4 feet wide, so a rough estimate would be that bike lanes take up approximately 3.125 million square feet, or 1.6 percent, of city streets. Mraz joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss his opposition to Measure L sayings, “The other side says it’s saving farms and creating an agritopia but none of that is true. Does "balance" require that these 12 bike parking spots be replaced with 1 car parking spot? 34 percent of San Franciscans ride a bicycle at least occasionally, and 100 percent of us are pedestrians or wheelchair users at least sometimes. I ask you all to vote No on Proposition 16, which would delete that commitment to equality from the California Constitution." They’re actually building almost 600 homes on a working tomato farm. 113 L (2019–2020) Temporary amendments to the Petroleum Taxation Act Preliminary edition . “Balance,” however, is a bizarre word for this demand. Private cars are banned from this 2 percent of San Francisco’s asphalt (not that drivers don’t encroach here anyway) and welcome on the other 98 percent. The last time a parking-above-all proposition was on the ballot, 2007’s Prop. Here’s another: “The City should enforce traffic laws equally for all users of San Francisco’s streets and sidewalks.” This is again either meaningless—traffic laws already apply equally to everyone, and the SFPD is entrusted with deciding what infractions are threats to public safety and should be priorities for enforcement—or it’s a call for a crackdown on people on bikes. placement: 'Interstitial Gallery Thumbnails 3', L would impose an additional tax on the annual gross revenues of companies based on the compensation ratio of their highest paid executives and median San Francisco employee. Prop. 144 L (2019–2020) Endringar i burettslagslova mv. Proposition J Proposal Proposition J would replace the 2018 School Parcel Tax (Proposition G), which was approved with 61% of the vote, with a new parcel tax that needs the approval of two-thirds (66.66%) of voters. Please join us and make a donation to support the opposition if you are in the Bay Area. Related Articles. 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Vote NO on Prop 19 to stop a tax break that would increase inequity and widen the wealth gap. It’s brought together a wide and diverse array of individuals and organizations for rallies, fundraisers, and hilarious Photoshop jobs, like this one of parking garages towering over SF landmarks. I have been in the Prop 10 will discourage new construction for affordable housing and drive up the cost of housing with new fees.For seniors on social security and fixed incomes, Prop 10 could be devastating.

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