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british army structure diagram

By specifically including them, you ensure that the total number of dismounts is not diluted. As we begin to look towards autonomous vehicles, REME support across all battalion types will become more important. The rank system forms the backbone of the Army's structure and it defines a soldier's or officer's role and degree of responsibility. Tri-Service? Quartermaster’s Department Home; British; AFVs; British AFVs. It’s a conundrum for,sure. Such a doctrine would also change the very nature and character of many infantry units which would then become mech-inf and therefore their thinking, their self-understanding, their military culture and so on will change. 6th (United Kingdom) Division prepares and generates the Army’s Information Manoeuvre and Unconventional Warfare forces for both constant competition and warfighting, as well as routinely conducting operations below the threshold of armed conflict in the virtual and physical dimensions. To the other side you would then have more bataillons for one type of mission and if you go to another mission again more troops and as the author stated correctly this would lead to an overall more potent, more flexible force and you can also re-role the identical units much more easily. Is that a “firmed-up” concept or is it still at the level of general discussion and possibilities? It offered HE, WP, smoke and illuminating bomb types. Whereas In a peer conflict you’re going to lose and need a lot of people very quickly and you’re probably going to find the army reserve faster than you’re going to find the regular reserve. Why some say Warrior can carry seven and why some say less: The class system is prevalent in the society of the United Kingdom in the 21 st century too. . Each have different jobs and roles each of which is necessary to keep the wagon fighting and surviving. I know that the manning requirement is already verging on fantasy but maybe pushing it a bit further could give your battalion valuable additional potency? The diagram illustrates this chain of command as at mid 2009. Related data collections. Company HQ will be extremely lean with just one officer and five other ranks. Provost Staff Boxer and Bushmaster. You have ended my four day long hunt! It will have 6 ambulances, each crewed by 3 personnel, although this may be increased to 8 or 9 for high intensity operations, creating a total headcount requirement of 1 medical officer + 25 other ranks. ),The Oxford Illustrated History of the British Army . Their light cavalry troops are even bigger: 50 soldiers in eight LOVs (Pinzgauers). But war is not about comfort, I know. Though I strongly disagree with replacing the Woodentops, it is always good to see non-Guards have a turn. Other ranks are the enlisted soldiers of the army. I’d integrate a fourth rifle company from the TA into your battalion too, to train alongside it and to be fully conversant with its people and its methodology. Public duties are “despised” and “don’t help … Guards recruitment” – really? Life would be easier if we had nets so boys could just strap bergens to the outside of the wagon. This means for the same total numbers as today we have a far more agile and deployable total force. The order then as per military command hierarchy, flows in this way: Squad: A Squad consists of nine to ten soldiers. The problem the Army has is when it wants people to do two jobs at once in two different places at the same time . However, there is no escaping from the fact that a 40 mm grenade packs much less HE than a 51 mm mortar bomb. Anti-drones? This reduces each company by 20 personnel. This means that you have moved a battalion of Foot Guards out of LONDIST and back into the deployable force – that’s good, right? If it isn’t possible to reintroduce 51 mm, then a lightweight 60 mm mortar could be an option. I just wanted to pick up on a comment by White Hackle. Command Structure. Jan 29, 2019 - WWII British Infantry Battalion TO&E diagram It may be worth returning such weapons to infantry sections or having at least one in Platoon HQ. the British Army included • three armored regiments, each with 48 Challenger II main battle tanks • three armored cavalry regiments, each with 48 Combat Vehicles Reconnaissance (Tracked) • six armored infantry regiments, each with 42 infantry fighting vehicles. The Reconnaissance Platoon usually operates 6 vehicles, with each crewed by four soldiers, or 8 vehicles, with each crewed by 3 soldiers. If they are vehicle commanders of two of the four section vehicles then when they dismount their vehicle gunner will have double workload. Regimental Administration Office This would lead directly to an to small infantry force wich would not be able to create the said necessary critial mass and also such an infantry would simply not have the overall size which is necessary to fight in an infantry-terrain (like woods, urban etc). Another question I have concerns the mention in one of UK Land Power’s tweets (I do not use Twitter) that the BAE Rheinmetall Joint Venture could lead to the AS90 155mm self-propelled howitzer being upgraded to Braveheart standard. To deal with 3 points – infantry mass, use of TA, and number of vehicles, which are all interconnected: 1. The Puma HC2 support helicopter, for example, carries 12 personnel, while a CH-47 Chinook can carry an entire platoon. Perhaps there’s an article to be written somewhere in there, UKLP, especially being an ex veg head? The command structure is hierarchical with divisions and brigades responsible for administering groupings of smaller units. There are two distinct tiers within the British Army’s rank structure - officers and other ranks. Starting Discussions About Defence Issues. Currently, infantry companies have a fourth fire support platoon equipped with 7.62 mm L7A2 GPMGs. British Army’s size and structure The regular British Army is being scaled back as reservists take on a bigger role and its structure is overhauled. British Army; Royal Air Force; Military; More on this story. Equivalent military ranks in the UK Navy, Army, Air Force and US Army, edited by Dr Duncan Anderson of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. The proposed universal battalion of 690 gives a total of 22080 for 32 battalions, an increase of 3742. Platoons divided into multiples may opt for a different weapons mix, e.g. In some countries paramilitary forces are included in a nation's armed forces, though not considered military. Headquarters 1st (UK) Division heads up the British Army’s Light Role Adaptable Force, optimised for the challenges of today, both at home and abroad. Either way possibly improving retention and a quality of life issue for regulars who may need some acclimatization to civilian life. Unless, of course, you want to really shake up what the AR is for and how it works…. When it comes to ground combat, infantry mass matters. In armoured or mechanised formations the vehicle crew would be drawn mostly from Fire Support Section. A Challenger 2 Regiment with three Squadrons of main battle tanks would have an all up total of 56 tanks when deployed for war. 2) Would it work for the role of the specialised infantry battalions? This will also be sufficient to sustain Mechanised Infantry Battalions and Light Role Protected Mobility Battalions. Guardsmen and women who get very basic training, plus drill. This would increase the overall costs extreme and such an all-mech-inf force with the ability of the mech-inf to also fight as light inf if the need arises would create a high logistical footprint, high equipment costs and much higher training costs etc. Exellent article and I just thought I’d add some thoughts. It can’t. 03 – Fire Support Company structure Indeed, it is my opinion that four dismounts is all Warrior can really operate with for the dismounts to have any degree of comfort. It just seems a bit of an own goal to me – you’ve got a big powerful IFV that you can’t exploit fully. So providing extra seats at platoon level should be affordable. As noted above, there is no reason why other weapon types and combinations could not also be used. So that the tanks can seperate from the infantry completly and then act as an force for their own. SAAB has produced a lightweight version of the Carl Gustav 84 mm recoilless anti-tank weapon. The Army’s 2* HQ enabling the delivery of a secure home front that sustains the Army, enables training for and deployment on operations, its personnel, their dependants in the UK, Nepal and Brunei and ensures the support of the public. Responsible for representing the Army Top Level Budget (TLB) within Head Office and outwards to relevant TLBs and dependencies, provides oversight of the Army Operating Model and provides overall personnel policy direction as the Principal Personnel Officer. CnC can be further rationalised across the whole unarmed force by having a single force structure around 1 HQ, 4 commands, each operating 2 divisions that hold all naval, land, cyber, air, space and command assets assigned to them and having a flatter structure. This structure is ideal for counter insurgency operations where there is a focus on foot patrols and other dismounted operations. Often these will be stored in vehicles until needed. In the TA i carries both L85A1 and Browning 9mm. The headquarters is commanded by a Brigadier, supported by a number of military and civilian staff. If the light battalions have the current strength of 560 then 28, with the specialised infantry unchanged at 267, gives a total of 16748. The Lee-Enfield rifles were replaced with the Self-Loading Rifle L1A1, and the Bren was modified from the old .303-inch chambering to 7.62 x 51mm NATO; but the basic rifle group and light machine gun group remained. Bye. We can tailor our forces now for a sustained operation, such as we have done for Bosnia until the present I don’t think we need to radically change the div structure just refine the battlegroup concept to reflect the modularity aspect of the force but reataining the mass of the individual capability the heavy, medium and light bring when needed. So it is a very flexible number. All units within the service are either Regular or Army Reserve, or a combination with sub-units of each type. The platoon could divide into two three wagon sub-platoons each having a dismounted mass of 1+6+6? Instead, why can’t be we be open to moving beyond the status quo of four vehicles per platoon? The regiments A regiment normally contains of around 650 soldiers depending on its role. The Lee-Enfield rifles were replaced with the Self-Loading Rifle L1A1, and the Bren was modified from the old .303-inch chambering to 7.62 x 51mm NATO; but the basic rifle group and light machine gun group remained. With this in mind, the objective of this discussion is to consider what a universal battalion size ought to be. Storage space is hardly ample; the wagons were designed for blokes to fight from, not live in. Also Read. But each platoon then gains four or five extra soldiers. Background. By having so many different existing battalion structures, it is more difficult to asses overall manning levels. My Army 2020 would see 1XX and 3XX each have an armoured brigade, mechanised brigade and motorised bridges. It would be no problem to fit 9 soldiers in a Warrior IFV, Boxer MIV or Bushmaster PMV. ( Log Out /  At the RUSI Land Warfare Conference in June 2012, the army's Chief of the General Staff General Sir Peter Wall set out a significantly different army structure from that foreseen in the Strategic Defence and Security Review. British Army - Order of Battle: Lt Gen Ivan Jones, Commander Field Army (CFA), described plans for rebalancing his command which will see changes to the structure of the Field Army… I have manunauch silly ideas I can assure you. The basic building block of military capability is the infantry section. Gymnasium For more information about Fold3, click here. A Carl Gustav 84mm in the Coy. It is also suitable for Light Role battalions operating on foot. The manual is complete with all amendments to 1956. The Army overall is about 5000 under authorised strength and an increase to about 7000 under strength does not seem a good change. That gives a reduction of 1590 from current strength that could be used for the new bronegruppa. Building on Captain Nemo‘s comments: in solving the problem of dismounted infantry mass the starting point should be ‘what is the minimum number of dismounts sufficient’ not ‘how do we fit more troops and firepower into four vehicles’. The Specialised infantry battalions should be a separate discussion because of their different role and very different strength. I think this ORBAT with this weapon allocation redresses the balance of infantrymen equipped to assault and those equipped to suppress as well as giving greater flexiblity and lethality by bridging the gap between it and support weapon platoons. More than one army operating together is known as an army group. The Army is controlled from the MoD via the following subsidiary headquarters and a number of smaller headquarters worldwide. To put it in perspective I’ve never hit a target with 51/60mm and never missed with CG. Infantry mass – do we have to give up on this concept ? On a related subject, getting more Infantry into standard modular structured Battalions; how would you feel about an idea I think that was first floated over on Think Defence many years ago – moving the ceremonial role over to a specific, non-regular setup ? Aug 27, 2019 - Explore Evan Breton's board "Army structure" on Pinterest. Also such an all-mech-inf force would hinder the UK forces very much in the primary target to achieve critical mass of infantry in any combat. Sometimes infantry regiments have more than one unit of this size and are referred to as a battalion. It seems to be a way of thinking that stems form our past two operations in Iraq and Afghanistan and not from a perspective of a peer/near peer confrontation imo. I can’t upload pics but their SOIs are on AKX if you have access to it and are interested. The regular army gets guns and spare gun crews to keep them going 24/7. I further agree that 28 is a good number: four six-strong sections and a four-strong Pl HQ has sufficient flexibility, lethality and survivability (it can absorb casualties, something current AI platoons struggle to do). Jed touched upon it earlier, rekindling Think Defence’s rather outlandish proposal to create a non-deployable ceremonial unit. @Captain Nemo With common ORBATs, marine battalions can quickly be prepared for the allocated mission. Responsible for driving adaptation in order to deliver success on operations. The British Government gave an indication of its proposals for the future structure of the British Army in early 2008 in a press report stating that it was considering restructuring the Army … There are three regular battalions, 1, 2 and 3 Para. Option B creates three sections of 10 soldiers plus a smaller Platoon HQ of 6 soldiers. British Armoured Regiment TO&E (aka TOE, Order of Battle or OrBat) Below is a schematic image of a late war British Armoured Regiment. Short answer: Ajax IFV has six seats (link at bottom). 3rd (United Kingdom) Division, based at the heart of the British Army on Salisbury Plain, is the only division at continual operational readiness in the UK. Weapons like the 12.7 mm HMG and 40 mm high velocity grenade machine gun are primarily vehicle-mounted systems. If it did by any chance happen, though, I wonder if UK Land Power could tell me whether it would make a difference to his manning arrangements. How about a Corps of Infantry ? This option also ensures that each section within a platoon has a dedicated vehicle driver and gunner. If it’s not can we at least work round it by concentrating on fire and manoeuvre? It is worth noting that the current model of the Army Reserve infantry actually achieves the endstate you seek already: generating an additional rifle company as well as generating an additional section per specialist platoon. Warrior can only carry four dismounts comfortably with full scales and definitely not more than six so manpower is neutral in armour (you could even have a two man surplus (9+9+9+7=34) who could crew the Coy HQ wagons. 3rd (UK) Division will be reorganised to form two Armoured Infantry and two STRIKE brigades, one of each held at high readiness. Some units have two squads that made up a section, commanded by a staff sergeant. The Squad is the smallest section … Historique. It usually consists of 1 officer + 27 other ranks. This would inevitable change their way of fighting and therefore hinder them to be an true general purpose infantry. Thinking about the need to operate from IFVs, Mechanised infantry vehicles (MIVs), from helicopters, and on foot, the first proposal is to standardise all Infantry Rifle Platoons around a common size that provides some degree of flexibility. So to summarize it up: my suggestion would be to create identical infantry bataillons, but without any organic protected mobility. In the most recent issue of “Soldier” magazine, there is an item headed “New Warrior stays on track”, in which the proposed “new incarnation” of the vehicle receives quite a lot of praise , including the statement “On paper the platform looks impressive and offers a raft of refinements and upgrades over its long-serving predecessor.” These apparently include not only the new 40mm cannon but also enhanced mechanical underpinnings, beefed-up armour and better comfort for the crews. A platoon of 1 + 35 divides neatly into four sections of 9 soldiers, allowing 7 dismounts per section or your magic number of 28 dismounts total per section. As a result of this, the Army’s structure will change. In this respect, the number 36 is important, because it allows a range of groupings: 3 x Rifle Sections with 10 soldiers each plus a Platoon HQ of 6 soldiers = 36 total, 3 x Rifle Sections of 9 soldiers each plus a Platoon HQ of 9 soldiers = 36 total, 2 x Rifle Sections of 12 soldiers each plus a Platoon HQ of 12 soldiers = 36 total. It also provides for London's ceremonial events as well as supporting operational deployments overseas. David Chandler & Ian F.W. Could we not then consider having whole crews staying with the vehicle rather than depleting them when the section has to dismount? Deliver and assure specified non-financial conditions of service for the Army; advise, educate and audit the Army's approach to discipline, unit financial accounting and personal administration. With the US Army planning to adopt a new 6.8 mm High Velocity Armoured Piercing Ammunition (HVAP), the rest of NATO may follow its lead. This means wagons to have space for additional personnel and stores, are all properly crewed and that dismounted mass hits the desired 28 (plus crew 5×3=15 so 43 total).

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